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What is a lifestyle gene?

Your lifestyle cannot change the fact that you have blue eyes. However, your lifestyle can make a huge impact on other genes, and you can take action to alter your health at the level of the gene. Our PRO Club experts have hand selected actionable genes that your lifestyle can greatly impact. On one hand, our genes affect our health since they can put us at varying levels of risk for issues such as weight gain and even depression. On the other hand, our lifestyle affects our health in significant ways at the level of the gene.

For example, you might discover that you metabolize fat at a slower rate than the average person does. Your expert PRO Registered Dietitian would then provide advice on what kind of fats to focus on and how much within a day. With this advice, you’ll have an opportunity to improve how your unique body processes fats.

You might also learn that your skin does not renew as well as others. Your expert PRO Spa esthetician would then personalize your genetic facial profile with service and product recommendations to enhance your beauty regime. With this highly individualized approach, you have the opportunity to slow down the aging process and improve how well your skin renews itself each day.

What information and advice will I receive?

Would you like to look and feel your best? Your genes provide you with the opportunity to make an informed decision about your self-care. You will discover, through your genetic blueprint, which genes are normal, gifted or adapt. Normal means that your genes are functioning as the majority of the population, gifted means your genes are operating at a high level, and adapt means the gene has an opportunity to improve with improved lifestyle.

For example, you might find that your VO2 max ADRB2 gene says that you are gifted and your trainer advises you that you’d be excellent at endurance sports such as running or biking. Your trainer would instruct you to have a VO2 max test conducted in our human performance lab to establish a base line. Then you’d receive a personalized program design that would include intervals and progressions to continue to improve your VO2 max. You’d also be assisted in finding endurance events that you would enjoy.

You might also discover your Warrior vs. Worrier gene COMT is adapt from our behavior genetic test. This means that you might worry when projects are about to launch and deadlines are coming closer. Your expert PRO Medical Counselor would provide education on cognitive behavior therapy and how beneficial it would be. Then you can use this information to power through those deadlines.

How does PRO Medical protect my information?

It is very important to us that your data is securely stored. Your samples will be assigned a test number (your name remains anonymous) and sent to our lab. During this time, genetic scientists will sequence your genes and provide an advanced scientific analysis of your results. Your provider will only receive your results upon your authorization. All information sent via the internet is encrypted and follows industry standard security measures. You may find a copy of PRO Club’s privacy policies at

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