4 Reasons to Get Your Headlights Restored This Winter


Do you ever feel like you are driving along the road during dark winter months, and your headlights just don’t produce the output that you would expect? Headlight brightness is a topic that is top-of-mind for  drivers everywhere, especially in short months. Did you know that UV rays from the sun, as well as road contamination can cause your headlights to fade? Similarly, oxidation can happen to your plastic headlight lenses the same way it can your paint.

Four reasons to get your headlights restored this winter:

  1. Safety.  The ability to see and maneuver at night, or on a long road trip through unfamiliar highways with no road lights.
  2. Protection. Protect them from future damage with polish and a protection coating.
  3. Maintenance. Maintain a well-kept appearance – no yellow/hazy/dirty headlights.
  4. Save money. Restoring your headlights now is cheaper than having to replace them in the future.

The Auto Salon can restore headlights for $49.95. Our restoration services do not stop there. We can fix scratches, dents, curbed wheels, repair or replace glass and paint your car if there is paint missing. Feel free to stop by for an in-person consultation.

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