Your Best Class Ever: Fuel for It!


Want to feel energized and ready to tackle any fitness class?

What you eat and when you eat it can make a big difference in your performance, recovery, and overall enjoyment of your workout. Try these snack ideas and get ready to rock the front row!

Cardio Classes and HYBRID Classes
HIGH Fitness, REV/C, Power R/DE, ZUMBA, PROStrike!, Circuit Training, Total Body Shred, 6 Pack Workout:

Morning Pre-Class:
A light snack mix of complex and simple carbohydrates with a bit of fat and protein plus a glass of water will help fuel your brain and body.
›› Suggestions: Whole grain or GF toast with nut butter and a sliced half-banana, or oatmeal with cinnamon and a hardboiled egg

Morning Post-Class:
Hydrate! Lots of water and water-based foods will help your body recover from your cardio session. If it will be three or more hours until your next meal, have a protein-based snack as well.
›› Suggestions: Melons, apples, and vegetable-based soups, or a protein shake, turkey jerky or edamame

Evening Pre-Class:
A small snack containing some carbohydrate and a little healthy fat will propel you through a great class.
›› Suggestions: 1 C of carrot sticks and 2 TBs of hummus, or a handful of ‘trail mix’ (mixed nuts and unsweetened dried fruit), or a Greek yogurt with a TBs of low-sugar granola

Evening Post-Class:
Enjoy your dinner and hydrate. Now is the time for a healthy dinner with lean protein, lots of vegetables, and a small portion of whole grains to help your body recover and rest up for another day of exercise. If you feel overly hungry by the time you sit down for this meal, have a snack to take the edge off.
›› Suggestions: Dinner: Chicken, tofu, or fish with brown rice, whole wheat pasta, or sweet potato; Snack: 15 almonds, liquid protein drink, or veggies

Strength Classes
Barbell STRONG, TRX, PROBarre, Above and Below the Belt:
Morning Pre-Class: Carbohydrates (whole, not processed) to the rescue! Give your body the fuel to reach its full potential in class. Don’t forget the water.
›› Suggestions: Two whole-grain rice cakes with 1 TBs nut butter, or a banana with a string cheese, or a protein bar

Morning Post-Class:
Now is the time to help your muscles rebuild and recover with protein!
›› Suggestions: One egg plus two egg whites with whole grain toast, or 1 C cottage cheese and fruit, or a 20/20 or Vega protein shake, or
oatmeal with egg whites, or protein pancake (mix protein powder and egg whites, cook and top with nut butter)

Evening Pre-Class:
A healthy snack with a bit of protein, good-for-you fats, and simple (but whole-food based) carbs will set you up for success!
›› Suggestions: Low-fat yogurt and a handful of almonds, or a boiled egg and rice cakes, or apple slices with nut butter, or microwaved sweet potato and turkey jerky

Evening Post-Class:
Power up your dinner with protein or have a protein snack after class before heading home. Choose carbs that give you a protein boost as well, such as beans or dairy. A few extra grams of protein will help muscles repair and refuel, and stave off hunger.
›› Suggestions: Dinner: Chicken, tofu, or fish with brown rice, whole wheat pasta, or sweet potato; Snack: 15 almonds, liquid protein drink, or veggies

Mid-day Classes
Before class, a bit of your lunch (think half or a quarter of a sandwich) with some water will fuel your fitness. After class, the rest of your lunch (the rest of your sandwich plus a salad with some additional lean protein) will keep you going until dinner.

Do I need a Pre-Workout supplement?
Pre-Workouts are supplements that contain caffeine (sometimes a large amount) and vitamins. While they often deliver energy as promised, they usually contain a significant amount of sugar and stimulants. Similar (and less jittery!) results can typically be achieved with a balanced snack or a small cup of unsweetened coffee or tea. Dislike plain tea or coffee? Try a shot of espresso in your protein smoothie or create a ready-to-drink protein shake latte for an added caffeine boost in the AM.

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By: Caroline Fleming and Erika DeRooy, RD, CD
Group Fitness Instructor and 20/20 Dietitian

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