5 Advantages of Vitamin & Nutrient Injection Therapy

Vitamin injection therapy involves intramuscular injection boosts formulated with select vitamins, elements, amino acids and nutrient blends that are delivered straight into your muscle(s) allowing for efficient absorption into the blood stream. Bypassing the gut with an injection is a far more superior way to absorb your nutrients, which may not otherwise be possible through the taking a multi-vitamin orally.

Here are 5 reasons why you may want to try Injection Therapy:


Essential vitamins can easily give you the energy boost you may be looking for, and injections are an efficient and effective way to provide you with just that. Making sure your body has the proper nutrients it needs to fuel your body is so important, sometimes all it takes is one vitamin or mineral to recharge your system.

  1. To DETOX.

Injections with antioxidants will provide your body with concentrated doses powerful enough to protect yourself from damaging effects of free radicals and toxins, and support liver detoxification. Additionally, this injection will benefit you by brightening your skin, boosting your immune system, and even feel a difference in increased energy levels.

  1. To LEAN OUT.

Compounded formulas of amino acids are an effective form of injection therapy, used in conjunction with diet and exercise and the right vitamins, can accelerate metabolic processes. These types of injections create a greater feeling of overall energy, facilitate in fat burning, and preserve lean muscle.

  1. To FOCUS.

Increasing mental focus and clarity highly sought after in our busy world. Vitamins and amino acid injections have been used to improve your focus and memory while nourishing your nervous system to keep your cognition prime and optimal, and will therefore increase productivity.


Being stressed out or anxious can have a huge impact on your health. A combination of one of your body’s naturally occurring neurotransmitters, minerals and amino acids in an injection can help decrease anxiety and stress, as well as calm your thoughts while promoting relaxation and sleep.

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