Freedom From Back Pain

For some, it begins as a subtle, dull ache that just won’t go away. For others, it’s more abrupt with a stabbing pain that brings you to your knees. Regardless of how it starts, eventually eight out of every 10 of us will experience back pain. Low back pain can lead to a bewildering array of medications, office visits and therapies that may only provide temporary relief or a “Band-Aid fix.” The good news? Acupuncture will help you heal.

The evidence

There is ample clinical research that supports acupuncture’s effectiveness at addressing the causes of back pain while restoring range of motion. Research has shown that acupuncture is successful at treating lumbar disc herniation, low back spasms and sprains, as well as chronic pain of the lower back. Acupuncture is a truly effective therapy that provides significant pain relief.

What to expect

You’ll first receive a thorough intake that includes any past history of trauma
(no matter how remote) and review any current occupational hazards. Sometimes our daily habits predispose us to this type of injury. We’ll then perform an exam and address your pain pattern from both the Eastern and Western perspectives. I determine the Chinese meridians, or energy channels, as well as anatomical muscle groups and facial planes that are involved. This also includes mapping your body’s holding patterns, specific locations where your injury or chronic stress is held in the tissue. It’s not uncommon to identify key trigger points contributing to a person’s back pain. After gathering this information, you’ll receive an individualized treatment plan that includes a timeline for treatments, potential at home exercises, and expectations for healing.

You can assume that your treatment will not only include the insertion of fine filaments, but I may also apply heat, hands on bodywork, or stretching. You may experience some relief immediately but, as a rule of thumb, if your pain is chronic it does not resolve overnight. As we work together, we’ll regularly re-evaluate your intensity of pain, ability to participate in life’s adventures, and overall well-being. The beauty of integrating East Asian medicine into your routine is that we balance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of each person. Building on these connections leads to more complete healing.

Written by Rachel Weissman, Acupuncturist

If you or someone you love suffers from back pain, call to schedule an appointment today. A custom-tailored treatment plan will be created in partnership with you to help you feel better quickly and safely!

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