How to Positively Prepare for Your Return to the Gym

By Staci Alden, Director of Group Fitness at PRO Club

I WISH I could confidently provide all the answers in regards to what to expect when it comes to your favorite fitness facility re-opening.

What I DO feel confident sharing are things to consider as you hear more from your local gym to prepare for a more positive return.

1) Have patience with your body

It doesn’t matter how many virtual fitness experiences you tuned into while at home, your canned food and laundry detergent is no match for the heavy weight equipment you used to pick up and put down. Be careful not to jump into heavy weights and large sets too quickly. The last thing you want to do is burn yourself out… or worse… get injured.

2) Be the example you wish to see

Sure, other people are going to make mistakes, but the more they see others being obvious about wiping down equipment before and after use and making extra trips to the hand sanitizer, the more they are going to want to be a cool kid too!

3) Hire a private trainer

Whether it is a Personal Trainer, Private Pilates or Private Yoga instructor, having an expert to guide you toward your fitness goals safely and effectively will be more valuable than ever. Just like you made the effort to support your favorite restaurant by getting takeout, or saw your hair stylist as soon as possible, hire a fitness professional if it is within your means.

They have spent quarantine getting more sleep than they’ve been able to for a long time and they’ve been honing their craft and absorbing the enormous amounts of free online trainings the fitness industry has been pumping out for them.

4) Try something new!

As participants return to dance classes and yoga classes (or any class that gets the bad wrap of being “intimidating”) understand that now it’s a clean slate! Even those front row groupies are going to need a few classes before they know every step.

5) Focus on what IS available

Sure most gyms are going to have to change some of their traditional luxuries, but choose to pay attention to the things they CAN offer you. The bright squinting eyes from the smiling faces of the front desk employees greeting you as you come in, pull up bars that won’t fall down and cardio equipment. 

6) Pay attention to how you FEEL not LOOK

Use movement to find joy and gratitude for your health and motivation. Not as a punishment.

Like that? Try this.

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