Aerobics Are Back!

Set the scene: Lights dim. Music loud. Bodies in motion…

Welcome to aerobic interval training – basic fitness moves choreographed to music you recognize and love. Don’t start thinking leg warmers, bright colors and steps too soon. The newest fitness craze sweeping the nation is HIGH Fitness.


HIGH is for all ages, stages, and levels of fitness. Women and men participate and embrace this format that pushes an athlete… yet offers modifications for individuals needing less intensity.


HIGH Fitness provides a journey of excitement, strength, and success. Instructors are taught combinations of simple and effective movement, specific to each song. They are required to follow a formula, allowing the participants to achieve a high caloric burn (between 500-900 calories per class!) and full body toning. This is accomplished through alternating challenging cardio peaks and toning tracks. New songs and fresh combinations are released weekly. The body remains shocked, and the mind remains engaged. Participants will recognize and become familiar with the choreography, despite the varying instructor, city, or fitness facility!


Bring water, wear comfortable fitness clothing and supportive shoes… and you might just become addicted to the incredible power of this group fitness adventure.

The HIGH community embraces and encourages all participants. There is truly nothing quite like the energy in a room of individuals bonded together by a common goal, seeking positivity, fulfillment, and results.

Come and experience the HIGH!

Written by Melissa Zurcher, Group Fitness Instructor & HIGH Fitness Guru

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