Get Creative with Your Routine

By Cecelia Oxford, LICSW PRO Medical Counselor

As we all try to navigate this unprecedented time, there are many things from all angles that we must consider, from how to keep our family and those around us healthy to how to keep kids learning and engaged in education. Now that most are working from home, managing children and animals, limiting social connections and figuring out how to keep it all together, it’s important to adapt your old structure. Since there is no more “business as usual”, it’s time to get creative with our routines.

Some things to ask yourself while adapting to your new routine are: what are the important things to keep on your daily schedule? What must you adapt? Are there things you can incorporate now that you couldn’t with the old normal? Keep your schedule as structured as possible but let yourself think outside of box to establish a new routine that better suits the differences in life that you’re living during this time.

If you’ve previously had a scheduled time to go to the gym, use that time to establish creative ways to work out at home. If you’ve never had time to put together that vegetable garden, maybe use the time you would have been using to commute. Or, try to focus on a small hobby for you and the family to enjoy. Another idea is to actually get creative. Maintaining some semblance of normal with a twist will help keep you grounded and get you through the chaos of the current times.    

Cecelia approaches therapy as a collaboration between the therapist and patient. She believes success comes from working jointly with the patient to explore problems and finding effective personalized solutions that work for the individual. Treatment often includes solution-focused methods such as tasks to practice on the clients own.

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