Be PRO-Active: Create the Life You Want


As PRO Club expands its medical center, we have reflected on how healthcare is an ever-changing platform and how we can continue to be a part of your health journey.

Our goal has always been to help our members achieve optimal well-being.

Conventional medicine is often viewed as being reactive and healthcare is sought out when one wants a diagnosis and treatment plan for illness. However, in recent years, there has been a shift in focus to proactive healthcare, where one takes matters into their own hands to attain their best self, while still practicing prevention in the form of typical screenings such as getting an annual physical, lab tests, an annual skin check, going in for a colonoscopy, or getting a mammogram. The concept of being proactive is taking control and acting before a crisis occurs, rather than reacting when something happens.

At PRO Club, we practice being proactive every day and invite you to be PROactive about your health in the following ways:

  • Make an appointment to see a registered dietitian to optimize your nutritional plan.
  • Schedule personal training and achieve your fitness goals.
  • See a mental health counselor to reduce stress and gain clarity.
  • Get regular massage treatments. The benefits are numerous.
  • Become a member of the Age Management program to optimize your health as you get older. Free informational seminars are offered every month.
  • Attend a free 20/20 LifeStyles informational seminar if you are worried about having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, or are overweight.
  • Try acupuncture to achieve balance.
  • Get a SpectraCell Micronutrient test to determine nutritional deficiencies and
    customize your supplements (visit our naturopathic doctors for a complete evaluation).
  • Attend your favorite group fitness classes to stay on track and enjoy fitness.
  • Schedule a gait evaluation with our podiatrist if you or a family member has flat feet. Getting custom-made orthotics now could prevent injuries down the road.

These are just some of the services you’ll get at PRO Club. Visit our website at and learn more about the wide range of services we offer. We welcome you to be PROactive with us!



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