Healthy Eating on Vacation


Vacations are an opportunity to unwind and spend time with your family. However, they can lead to weight gain if you don’t stay mindful of your food choices. Keep it simple. Choose lean proteins and vegetables first, and pick from fruit beans, and whole grains when thinking about carbohydrates. Limit the sweet stuff and stay hydrated. Also, remember to pack your pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps per day.


Skip the white bagel. Instead start off your day with lean protein, some fruit, or whole grains. You’ll have much more energy throughout the day if you begin with a balanced meal.
At the hotel: An egg white omelet paired with one slice of whole grain toast or a piece of fruit; a high fiber cereal with low fat milk or yogurt; or 1/2 whole grain bagel topped with peanut butter and 1/2 cup cottage cheese.
On the go: Flavored Greek yogurt; Starbucks reduced fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwich; or Panera strawberry granola parfait.


When you can pack your own lunch, you’re better off. So try to find grocery stores near your hotel. Avoid dessert at the buffet table. Many theme parks offer directories of restaurants located on site. Check this list when planning your trip so you’re one step ahead.
In the park: A garden salad with lean protein (chicken or tofu) and topped with garbanzo beans, dressing on the side; a whole grain tortilla wrapped with lean protein, veggies, and cheese, carrot sticks instead of French fries.
At the buffet: Grilled chicken or fish, steamed veggies, and a piece of fruit; or a stir fry with tofu and veggies, 1/2 cup cooked brown rice.


Don’t let lack of planning be your downfall. Bring healthy options with you.
Before you leave: Shop for protein bars, freeze dried fruit, jerky, and nuts to have on hand for healthy snacking.
From the snack bar: Fruit or whole grain crackers and cheese; celery and peanut butter; or a turkey and cheese rollup.


Restaurant eating can be tricky. By requesting that your protein be cooked without butter or oil and your vegetables steamed, you’ll save a lot of calories. Order double vegetable servings instead of starches or grains to stay full and avoid the risk of overdoing the portions. Most restaurants have their menus and nutrition information available online, so pull out that smartphone before you head to dinner. This will save you time and anxiety when trying to pick the better choice.


Originally from PRO Pulse May-June 2013
By Erin Bury

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