Genetic Beauty Testing: Evidence-Based Beauty for Ultimate Results


Let’s face it. If you’re looking for a new way to age slower, improve your appearance, and look the very best, your options for products and services are practically endless.

And all of them claim to be the perfect solution for your skin. You could even ask a friend what she uses, spend a little fortune on all of it, and then see little to no results for yourself!

Why is that? It’s because your skin is unique and so specific to you and your genetics. A treatment or product that works amazingly well for someone else might not be the perfect product for you – especially in the long-term.

According to a study on identical twins reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 60 percent of aging can be attributed to our genes.

Thankfully, The Spa at PRO Club has made it easier than ever for you to identify all of your skin’s identifying traits, both the good and the bad, so you can discover what you’re prone to, where you need extra help, and where your skin actually excels. You can eliminate the guesswork, uncover the secret to achieving your beautiful skin, and avoid costly mistakes through genetic beauty testing at The Spa.

The Spa’s Skincare Genetic PROfile tests the key aspects of beauty by focusing on four major categories: Skin Aging, UV Sensitivity, Appearance and Skin Health, and Skin Elasticity.

Skin Aging
Do the women in your family typically develop an excessive amount of deep wrinkles or sunspots as they age? The skincare experts at The Spa will walk you through all things aging when it comes to your own genetics. How much does your diet make you more prone to aging? Is your skin doing a poor job or a great job of renewal when you need it most? My results truly shocked me. I had never realized how much my diet was negatively affecting my aging process.

UV Sensitivity
Where do you fall on the scale of skin-protection? Yes, we all need protection from the sun and the elements, and this varies for each individual. Find out exactly how sensitive your skin actually is when you have an active summer. Always wondered about how much sun is too much sun, even with SPF? Sure you could guess – only to discover the damage years later. It might be smarter to learn how much UV protection is the perfect amount for you with your genetic beauty profile.

Appearance & Skin Health
Hydration and a clear complexion have always been two of my biggest struggles. I now have the genetic proof that they’re my biggest areas of weakness. My Spa esthetician, Hope, helped me break down what I’m currently doing to strip my skin of the moisture that it really needs, while also identifying what I can purchase to drastically improve my hydration. (Hey, don’t forget: dry skin wrinkles faster. Time to pump up the moisture!) I also got great insight into why I’ve struggled with adult acne for the last 20 years and what products are the best to fight it.

Skin Elasticity
Talk about an eye-opener! Find out where you stand (or where you’ll stand in the future) on all things stretch marks, cellulite, collagen breakdown and skin wrinkling. My results were so intriguing. I’ve always known that I need help in the cellulite and stretch mark category (ugh, womanhood), but never realized how my collagen breakdown would affect my own aging process. I was also happy to find out that I rank above average when it comes to wrinkling.

Once you go over your results with a skincare expert from The Spa, you’ll receive detailed, scientifically-based recommendations of which products and services are the best for you, based on your genetic results. No more costly mistakes on products that give you little to no results. These recommendations will help you achieve optimal skin health and reduce symptoms of skin aging now and in the distant future.


Written by PRO Medical

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