3 Daily Products Used by Medical Esthetician

Lets start by talking about my three “must have” at home skincare products that I use in my skincare routine. It is important to understand that the first step to improving, protecting and maintaining healthy skin starts at home with medical grade skincare.

Vitamin C Serum

My first skincare essential is a daily vitamin C Serum. Think of this as the essential vitamins for your skin. Vitamin C is a very important antioxidant to protect your skin from free radicals, UV damage and assists in sustaining a healthy skin barrier.

Apply a vitamin C serum in the morning after you cleanse your face. A little goes a long way! I typically say 4-5 drops for the entire face and always pull the rest on neck and chest. So use your vitamins, the skin needs them too!

My favorite vitamin C serum: IS Clinical Pro Heal Vitamin C Serum


My second “must have’ is a daily broad spectrum SPF 50. You need to protect the skin no matter the season on a daily basis. Studies have proven that SPF 30 is not always enough and anything above SPF 50 is not necessary daily. SPF 50 is the sweet spot for daily protection. Daily Protection is a must!!

My favorite SPF 50: Epionce SPF 50

Vitamin A

My last daily “must have” is vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential to maintain a healthy skin barrier and proper function of the cells to your skin. Some of the benefits are reducing the appearance of fine lines, assists in stimulating collagen and elastin, cellular exfoliation and keeping cells functioning properly.

It can come in a few different formulations. But it must be medical grade to work properly. As always, talk to your provider first.

My favorite vitamin A product: Skin Medica Retinol

Take some time to look over what you are using. I believe less is more and if you have medical-grade quality products, it will go much further then products that are not working to their potential needed to nourish your skin.

Come in to the Medical Spa at PRO Medical and learn more about a personalized essential plan that is created just for you and your skin.

You can also purchase all the products listed here and more at the Medical Spa. Call us or stop in to learn more.

By Alicia Ungaro Medical Esthetician at the Medical Spa at PRO Medical

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