4 Ways to Get Fit


Merriam-Webster’s dictionary for kids describes activity as, “the state of being active; energetic action or movement; liveliness.” Physical activity and fitness can be fun! And no one knows that better than kids. However, exercising as a family can be tricky. To stay motivated, get creative. As long as you’re moving and having fun, anything goes. here are some ideas to keep your family moving over the summer.

• Relay races (either in teams or individually) can include bear crawls, crab walks, single or double leg hopping, galloping, and skipping.
• Develop hand-eye coordination by dribbling a basketball, kicking a soccer ball, or tossing a softball. See how many tosses or kicks you can get consecutively in one minute. Start out slow and aim for accuracy. Once you begin to improve, increase your speed.
• Clean out your pantry and stock it with healthy food choices. Talk to a PRO Sports Club dietitian on how to incorporate healthy eating habits into your family’s lifestyle.

• Walk, bike, jog, or roller blade together to the park. Have a little playtime. Then return home. Time how long it takes to get there and see if you can beat your time going home.
• Make an obstacle course through the playground equipment and challenge your family members to a race. To keep the course challenging, change the order to do it again and see if you can beat your time.

• Say goodbye to swimming laps endlessly. As a family, you can engage in friendly competition based on time or distance, or compete with yourself by trying to swim more laps each time you come to the pool.
• Can’t swim? Take adult swimming lessons so you can enjoy spending time with your children in the pool rather than sitting on the sidelines.
• Take your teen to a water aerobics class where you’ll both get a total body workout which can be varied to your fitness level while having a ton of fun.

• Choose a 5K race as a family. Hire a personal trainer to help you put together a training plan for your family.
• Set a goal. For example, try running from PRO Sports Club to Disneyland as a family
(1,170.46). Track your miles each week to see if you can get there.
• Use incentives. When you reach your goal, reward the family to a movie day. Or treat yourself to a massage and a new toy for your child. Be sure it’s a reward that’s desired.


Originally from PRO Pulse July-August 2009
By PRO Personal Trainers Erin Julius, Evelyn Chua, and Dani Dreiling

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