7 Ways to Lose Weight


7 ways to lose weight based on your behavior and needs.


1. Workout on your own

Utilize all the benefits of your membership. Begin with a Get Started Equipment Orientation and Complimentary Personal Training Session to become familiar with the club, define your goals, take baseline measurements, and receive a personalized program to get started towards your goals. Visit any Concierge Desk to schedule your appointment. Limited to one Get Started session per member.

2. 20/20 LifeStyles online health tracker

This free health tracker by 20/20 LifeStyles helps you track your nutrition, exercise and other health habits. Plus, you recieve the first two stages of the 20/20 LifeStyles program with helpful meal plans, nutrition guides, and videos at no cost to you. Register for free at 20/20LifeStyles.com

3. Personal training

Personal training is more than just having an exercise guide. With a PRO personal trainer, you’ll receive an inspiring coaching experience where you are held accountable to achieving new levels of fitness. Every session is tailored to your needs. PRO Sports Club offers several personal training options.

4. Personal training and registered dietitian

Did you know that 75% of weight loss is based on your nutrition? To ensure your success, make an appointment for a healthy eating consultation with a PRO Registered Dietitian. You’ll learn the basics of nutrition, healthy food sources, calorie recommendations and food strategies tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Pair this with personal training and you’ll reach your goals in no time!

5. 20/20 Lifestyles program

20/20 Lifestyles is America’s most successful weight loss program. We’ve successfully helped thousands of people for over 21 years lose weight and keep it off. The comprehensive program integrates five key components for success: nutrition, exercise, education, lifestyle coaching, and medical knowledge. Find out more at 20/20LifeStyles.com or attend a free introductory seminar with Dr. Mark Dedomenico.

6. My Best 10

This popular women’s program has been empowering women to reclaim their best self with a personalized rejuvenating program from head to toe. This comprehensive 10-week program includes diet, exercise, lifestyle and beauty rejuvenation. Visit mybest10.com or contact Kathy Hollingsworth at mybest10@proclub.com or (425) 895-9595.

7. 21 Day Challenge

Lose weight with 21 days of healthy, prepared meals and guidance from our weight loss experts. The Challenge is the perfect length of time to eliminate cravings and reset your body’s hunger/satiety cues. On average, Challengers lost 6-14 lbs. The Challenge includes three meals and two snacks each day for 21 days, a one-hour initial dietitian session, and a 30 minute post-14 day dietitian session.


Originally from PRO Pulse March-April 2015

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