Join The October Sweatfest Challenge!

Don’t be afraid to scare (and sweat) your body strong. Carve out time to put the boo back in your booty and earn swag that’s so killer, it’s scary!


Accumulate as many MEPS (My Zone Effort Points) by wearing your My Zone heart rate monitor for your workouts at home or at PRO through the month of October. Register your monitor before October 1st.

If you don’t have a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor, they are available for purchase ($89.95) at any PRO Club location. For curbside pick-up or mail delivery, please e-mail the Pro Shop at or call (425) 895-6535.

WIN! WIN! WIN! Earn better treats for more fit tricks.

Everyone over 2,500 MEPS for the month of October receives:
2,500 = water bottle
3,000 = water bottle, exclusive event shirt
4,000 = water bottle, exclusive event shirt, PRO logo cap


Top 10 MEP winners members of each location (Bellevue, Seattle, and Willows) will receive a $25 PRO Club Gift Card and VIP admission to a SPECIAL FREE Halloween Group Workout at each location in person and IN COSTUME! on Saturday, October 31st.


Virtual Sessions, Saturday, October 31st – Open to all members.

Grab your pumpkins and join your favorite costumed instructors for a sweaty blast. The top ten participants will be invited to join the in-person class!

Bellevue Sweatfest Challenge Halloween Workout | 11:30am-12:30 pm | ZOOM
A monster mash-up of 20 minutes of STRONG with Janelle – 20 minutes HIGH Fitness with Melissa – 20 minutes of Yoga with Megan.

Seattle IGNITE with Elsa | 9-10am | Facebook
Fire up your metabolism, dig deep and IGNITE your spirit with strategic high intensity strength and cardio training.

Willows Halloween Workout | 9-10am | Facebook
Challenge your soul with a gut-wrenching Halloween workout featuring the one and only, Jeramiah. Tune in just to see his costume.

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