Lessons from Quarantine: Janelle Veteri

With a sudden change of routines and normalcy, quarantine has allowed many of us to take time to reflect. We wanted to take a moment and check in with PRO cast members to see what they have learned during their time in quarantine.

Through this series, we will interview different cast members at PRO. Stay with us each week as we learn what they have been up to and what they have learned through the quarantine period.

Janelle Veteri is a Group Fitness Instructor and Master Trainer at PRO Club. She has enjoyed teaching at PRO since 1999. She coaches you physically and inspires you mentally through challenging workouts. Janelle’s background includes competing in bicycle road & criterium races, triathlons from sprint to Ironman distances, and has run in 12 marathons to date.

Try out her POWER R/DE Cycling Class at 6pm on Mondays through our Virtual Classes.

What have you learned from COVID or this pause or time period?

Reflecting on the lessons learned from quarantine, one of the main things I’m going to change about myself is getting enough sleep.  It is astonishing how 7-8 hours of sleep impacts the next day.  Sleep gives me more discipline, decreases anxiety and irritability and increases my overall energy.   

What do you miss the most?

What I miss most is teaching live group fitness classes.  There is something magical about a group of likeminded people committed to working hard and feeding off each other.  As an instructor, there is nothing like watching people leave class with more energy, optimism and joy than when they arrived. 

The first thing you are going to do when we don’t have to physical distance? 

The first thing I’m going to do when we don’t have to physical distance is hug my friends and let them know how much they mean to me. 

Stress is at an all-time high right now, so how do you reduce stress?

In order to reduce stress I make a list in the morning with three things:

1. What can I learn today?
2. Who can I help or make laugh today?
3. What am I excited about today?  

I am a true believer that happiness = progress and stress reduction can be minimized through focusing on what you CAN DO! 

How do you keep the kids motivated during this time?

Keeping kids healthy and positive during this time is important.  Making fitness fun is key!  Building obstacle courses and timed challenges can be entertaining.  Play some, “old fashioned” games like hopscotch, kick the can, and capture the flag.  The key is playing WITH your kids!   

My kids love being in charge of putting together a dinner buffet that includes some fruit, vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates.  We set up a buffet line and eat outside.  They are also big fans of making breakfast for dinner.

Quarantine Motto:

I find it’s not what I say, it’s what I do!  I have to be an example of positivity and health because I am setting the example. 

Stay tuned for more Lessons from Quarantine with PRO cast members in the coming weeks.

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