What is Age Management?

Age Management is about prevention. We can’t stop the physiological process, but we can control how we age. Many of the symptoms we associate with aging include decreased energy, brain fog, poor sleep, loss of libido and the inability to manage a healthy weight. These can all be treated with Age Management medicine, which allows us to achieve “optimal” aging resulting in an increased quality of life.

A significant part of aging is due to the decline in our hormone levels as you get older. Optimizing hormones to youthful levels can make you feel better, younger and delay many age-related health issues. However, Age Management is not a one-size-fits-all program. Every person is unique. That is why we conduct comprehensive testing and lab work to analyze all your health factors including vitamin deficiencies, stress, health disease risk, and more. These results guide your customized healthy aging treatment plan which incorporates lifestyle modification, advanced nutritional supplementation, and hormone optimization.

With preventative medicine and hormone optimization, you can intervene proactively in your health and change the process of aging. With Age Management medicine, you will:

  • Increase health span…not just lifespan
  • Extend time of vitality
  • Optimize health, vigor, and strength
  • Minimize disease, illness, or disability
  • Increase energy
  • Improve Immune Function
  • Maintain youthful skin
  • Improve cognitive function

Overall, Age Management medicine can help you feel and function better as you age.

By Dr. Joseph Upton, MD, Board Certified Age Management Physician at PRO Medical.

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