Ease Your Fear of Virtual Training

We are currently in this new age of social distancing with some families stuck at home together and others having to self-isolate in a studio apartment. Regardless of where we are, we must find new ways to connect with other humans and keep in contact with them to provide support for each other.

When it comes to virtual personal training or virtual classes, you may have anxiety when you are faced with technology. Some of these thoughts may be running through your head:

“The technology is so confusing to set up.”

“I don’t have the equipment needed to get a good workout in.”

“I won’t feel the same energy that I get from a live class.”

“I get nervous having to be on camera with anyone else.”

As one of PRO Club’s first virtual trainers, you are not alone. We get the same anxiety having to teach a class, whether it’s in front of 2,000 members or 2 members, because we want to make sure that we are offering the best service and class experience to you all.

Every PRO Club fitness instructor has spent countless hours studying and training to be able to give you a variety of modifications to make exercises easier or more challenging regardless of any equipment used.

In virtual training, our group fitness classes are made to give you individual attention, to offer personalized corrections, and to create a sense of community. You may even find that you have more time to bond and get to know your instructor and fellow members even more, now that you don’t have to rush out to beat traffic!

If you are camera shy, know that having your camera on is not a requirement to participate in a group class. The benefit of having your camera on is for the trainer to see your form and give personal feedback. No one will judge how you look or if your dog walks into your class. We actually love when they are coming to say hi!

Below are my best tips on how to have a smooth virtual training session to ease your anxiety and set you up for a safe, success workout.

1. Set up your space

– Have enough room to move around about 5-6 feet away from your camera for a full body view.

– Prop up your camera that allow the instructor to view your floor work and standing exercises without you having to adjust your device.

– Be in a quiet, well-lit area.

– Lay out a mat or towel for padding.

– Have any equipment available to you nearby (including 2 soup cans/water bottles, a stack of books, a chair, a small washcloth, and a large towel in you have these).

2. Set up your tech

Group Finesses Classes are held on Zoom, which must be downloaded on your device in advance.

Personal Training sessions are held on Microsoft Teams, which can be downloaded or accessed directly from your browser (look out for the small link to select this option).

– To ensure that you can see the trainer clearly, use a tablet or laptop for a larger screen.

– Join the chat at least 5 mins prior to our session to access call.

– Test that your audio and video are working correctly.

– Ensure you will have internet connection throughout your session.
PRO tip: connect your device directly to your internet router for the most reliable connection.

– Depending on your session, you may play your own music lightly in the background. That way allows you to hear your instructor clearly through your device.

3. Set up your self

– Notify your trainer of any current/recent physical issues prior to class.

– Have your water bottle & sweat towel nearby.

– Wear form-fitting, comfortable clothing, preferably a color that contrasts your space.

– Do a light warm-up on your own before class!

Just like you, we are trying to navigate this new virtual world together and provide more options to keep you active and healthy.

Over time, we have had to adjust to using indoor toilets, driving cars, and using smartphones. Today, learning how to video chat is a new skill set that is sure to stay!

By Jazel Tricia Serate, Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, & Group Fitness Instructor at PRO Club Seattle

Learn more about PRO Club’s Personal Training sessions here.

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