Lessons from Quarantine: Erika DeRooy

With a sudden change of routines and normalcy, quarantine has allowed many of us to take time to reflect. We wanted to take a moment and check in with PRO cast members to see what they have learned during their time in quarantine.

Through this series, we will interview different cast members at PRO. Stay with us each week as we learn what they have been up to and what they have learned through the quarantine period.

Erika DeRooy, RD, CD is our Dietitian Services Manager at PRO Medical.

Erika works with clients in both the 20/20 LifeStyles program and general members. She enjoys helping her clients understand how healthier eating relates to a more balanced lifestyle. She specializes in a realistic and sustainable approach to meal plan changes. Her interests include emotional eating, sports nutrition and metabolic disorders among others. Erika has worked in long-term care, clinical, food service, and community settings.

What have you learned from COVID or this pause or time period?

The value of slowing down and appreciating what I have. It’s easy to get bogged down in an over-booked schedule, and miss all the joy of the day-to-day life we have created.

What are you going to change about yourself going forward?

How efficiently I use my time, so I can continue to preserve every ounce of family time our schedules will allow.

What do you miss the most?

Travelling without hesitation.

What is the first thing you’re going to do when we don’t have to physical distance? 

A weekend trip to a beach somewhere.

Stress is at an all-time high right now, so how do each of you reduce stress? 

Three things have been key for us. The first: keeping to our ‘normal routines’ – we still prep and plan meals just as we did before, still pack lunch and eat on a schedule through the day.

Secondly: avoiding television – we got rid of cable TV a while back and it was the best decision we’ve made.

Lastly: staying active, which we usually do together as a family. It feels great to role model exercise for our kids while spending quality time with them. We prepped a play space near our home gym to blend these activities if we can. 

Stay tuned for more Lessons from Quarantine with PRO cast members in the coming weeks.

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