Fire-Up Your Run with a Warmup

By: Caroline Fleming, Group Fitness Instructor at PRO Club

Running is certainly one of the most simple and effective ways to get a great workout in. I have increased my mileage during these weeks at home and have enjoyed both the physical and mental benefits. One of the main advantages of getting a run in is how easy it is to get ready. Just lace up those sneakers and bounce out the door!

Anyone else just pop in your headphones and start running (I am guilty!)? Hold those horses for a bit! A quick pre-run warmup can be a complete game changer. Warmer muscles can run longer and faster and are less prone to injury. Here are a few exercises that will help you get out the door in no time!

Warmup for that Run:

Heel Hang Exercise

Stand on a step (your stairs will do fine) and gently let one heel hang off for 10-15 seconds. Switch to the other side.

Ankle Circles

Extend one foot and circle ankle one direction 8-12 times. Switch directions. Then switch feet.

High Knees

Standing in place, lift knees up one at a time. Add speed, hops, and skips as you go!

Glute Kicks

Standing in place, lift heels to glutes one at a time. Add speed and hops! This is a fun one to alternate with the High Knees exercise!

Like that? Try this.

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