Work Your Core Off the Floor

Standing core exercises are an excellent way to not only increase abdominal strength, but also assist in building balance and coordination, while reducing lower back strain at the same time!

We tend to think primarily of plank work and seated exercises as the best way to focus on our midsection, however training while standing up allows the core to do what it does best-stabilize the body while our arms and legs are in motion!

The secrets to successfully training the core off the floor lie in focusing on form and posture. Chest lifted, shoulders down and back, abdominals and glutes engaged. Keep repetitions low and speed slower to maintain intention and control at first. In no time, you will be a PRO at standing core work!

Standing Core Exercises

Single Leg Knee Drive

Standing upright, balance on 1 leg. Lift opposite knee to the side and simultaneously drive same arm to the lifted knee. Alternate legs.

Single Leg Pike

Standing upright, bring both arms straight up overhead. Kick one leg up and drive arms down in direction of leg. Alternate legs.

Standing Bird-Dog

Standing upright, extend arms overhead. Hinge forward (keep that back flat!) and extend 1 leg behind. Return to standing and alternate legs.

By Caroline Fleming, Group Fitness Instructor at PRO Club

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