Have a Fitness Goal? SHRED It!

By Staci Alden, PRO Group Fitness Director

If you’re thinking about improving your fitness, join a 10-week enrollment class and start working toward your goals now. You’ll increase your cardiovascular endurance, fat loss, strength and lean muscle mass in PRO Club’s signature class, SHRED. Your registration also includes body composition testing to track your progress so you can really see your results.

Here are a few PRO Club Member’s testimonies after taking the SHRED 10-week class.

PRO Club Member, Sandra

“I’ve been a runner for most of my life. I’ve also lifted weights and taken Studio R/DE indoor cycling classes for over 10 years. I started doing SHRED when it first began a few years ago.

Since I’m an avid cardio athlete and don’t eat much protein, I was never able to build much muscle until I took SHRED. I finally have some tone in my arms that I couldn’t get with my own workouts. Just the other day I thought that maybe my arms were getting a little too muscular. I never thought I’d say that!

I enjoy the variety of exercises. I always come away feeling like I had a great workout. It definitely pushes me harder than I’d do on my own.”

PRO Club Member, Aaron

“I had run a couple of marathons (Chicago, Twin Cities) but, after having kids, I became lax about fitness. About a year after my daughter was born, my blood work results indicated that if I continued with my lifestyle choices (food, exercise, sleep), I was headed towards blood pressure and cholesterol medication. So I began running regularly and started TRX classes. When SHRED was introduced, I signed up.

Since taking SHRED, my cholesterol and blood pressure numbers are down and, overall, I’m healthier and happier. I’m sleeping better and it has helped me manage work stress.

I like SHRED because I get to just show up and have an intense workout planned for me. There’s lots of variety, encouragement, and coaching to do things the right way. It’s up to me to challenge myself and get the most out of it. I also use the MyZone fitness tracker and watch my effort on the app. It gives me the data that tells me when I’m not pushing myself as hard as I’d like to. My overall fitness, balance, energy, and strength have improved.”

Want to try a class and see if the SHRED program is right for you? Check out a SHRED class from our YouTube Channel.

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