At Home Learning Activities for Kids – Week 3

We asked our PRO Club childcare experts and preschool teachers for some of their favorite at-home activities that provide great learning opportunities for children. Join us every week as we share more fun learning activities that will help shake up your cabin fever.

Infants and Toddlers

Moon Sand
What will my child learn? Sensory skills.
Materials: 4 cups flour, ½ a cup baby oil

Mix ingredients together.

Because of it’s soft and crumbly texture, moon sand is perfect to let your toddler dig in and play. This is also extremely moldable, so it’s fun to create shapes and practice naming them.

Preschoolers (3-5 years-old)

Plate Crafts
What will my child learn? Arts and shapes.
Materials: Paper plates, crayons, pens, paints, and any other crafting supplies you have on hand.

A dinosaur, a fish and a bunny, oh my! Create fun animals with paper plates you have on hand around the house. Need some inspiration? Check out these fun ideas below.

We love this easy mouse craft, too.

Elementary School Age

LEGO Building Challenge
What will my child learn? Problem solving, creativity, communication skills and mathematics.
Materials: LEGOS and instruction guides found here.

LEGO just launched a #LLCBuildingChallenge. Join in with fun building activities, coloring challenges and more! Building with LEGOS brings a wide range of skills that your child can learn. It encourages creativity, problem solving and math skills. Not to mention, it’s fun for adults to join in!

Check out other family activities here!

Like that? Try this.

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