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The Appeal of Peels

Despite your attempts to diligently utilize your SPF over the summer, you still managed to get a little bit of sun damage, and now your skin looks dull and lifeless. Don’t worry. The Spa has got you covered. A peel will not only remove the dead layers of skin and damage, but will also provide you the perfect amount of TLC that your face has been craving. Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to get peels because the lower UV levels provide the perfect environment to heal your skin more quickly without sun exposure. Here’s a guide to help you make the right choice.


While there are many options to choose from, the Perfect Peel is the optimal facial for beginners on their peel journey. This peel will enhance your skin’s radiance, accelerate cellular turnover, diminish dullness and reveal your younger-looking skin with little to no sensitivity. The Perfect Peel is your perfect starting point.


Are you used to regular facials and ready to step it up a notch? If you want to make Age Management a higher priority, the Micropeel will enhance your skin’s radiance with a bit more intensity. This medical-grade peel reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, laxity, dullness and skin imperfections through a three-step process. Do you have a major upcoming event like a wedding? A Micropeel series will gradually help your overall skin texture and radiance improve over time and ensure that you look good every step of the way. For best results, this peel is completed in a series of six treatments, every two weeks.


Ready for your more advanced option? Once your skin has experienced the Micropeel (which is a prerequisite), you can accelerate your results with the Advanced Corrective Peel. This service will not only give you the clearest skin possible, but it will also improve your skin’s texture and diminish fine lines while brightening and refining your pores. It is the deepest peel available at The Spa and may lead to visible peeling after the service, depending on your skin type. But once you’ve shed a little skin, get ready for maximum results!Ideally, it is completed in a series of four to six treatments every four to six weeks.

Want to enhance your results?

Ask about adding Dermaplaning to your service. Your Spa esthetician uses a specific instrument to remove the upper layer of dead skin along with the fine hair (aka peach fuzz) for a deep exfoliation. Once the hair and dead skin have been removed, the peel is applied and it can better permeate the living and healthier layers of skin, making your results even more beneficial.


Still unsure which direction to go with so many promising peel options? Schedule a Skincare Consultation so that your Spa esthetician can discuss a treatment plan to determine which peel regimen will respond best to the unique needs of your skin and desired results.

The Benefits of Peels

  • Improves tone and texture
  • Stimulates new collagen production
  • Stimulates cellular turnover
  • Reduces discoloration
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increases hydration
  • Promotes deeper penetration and effectiveness of products


Tips from The Spa at PRO Club Esthetician and Educator, Andrea Woodard

  • Retinol and certain other skincare products should not be used 72 hours prior to receiving a peel as the skin may be too sensitive. Ninety percent of negative reactions from a peel don’t actually come from the peel itself, but rather from what may already be in your skin from medications, recent procedures (e.g. waxing) or skincare products. Communicate with your Spa esthetician about everything you use at home to determine what works for you, what won’t, and what will make your results as beneficial as possible.
  • You shouldn’t receive a peel if you have a sunburn or have recently had excessive exposure to the sun.
  • You should wait a minimum of 14 days between peels in your series.
  • Pregnant or nursing women should temporarily avoid peels. In the meantime, your esthetician can help you find another service option.


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