Don’t Wait to Treat Aches and Pains


Have you ever injured your back during an intense weekend of yard work, awakened with a kink in your neck, or twisted your ankle while dashing across the street?

Not sure where to go, who to see, or what to do if you’re still in pain?

Early access to physical therapy has been shown to shorten the course of pain and to minimize the amount of medication needed. Starting a course of physical therapy soon after an injury or pain is also less costly because patients need less follow-up care and miss fewer workdays.

Here are three of the most common injuries that can be effectively treated by PRO Medical Physical Therapists.

Neck Pain

People experiencing neck pain who were treated with physical therapy exercises and manual physical therapy demonstrated greater improvements in pain and disability than those who only followed physician-guided advice and took medication. Those who received physical therapy also utilized fewer healthcare dollars than those who did not receive physical therapy.

Low back pain (LBP)

Approximately 80 percent of the workforce will experience LBP at some point. Physical therapy consisting of manual treatment and patient-specific exercises has been shown to decrease pain and improve quality of life. The timing of physical therapy after an injury can have a huge impact on recovery. Overall, physical therapy in the form of manual treatment and exercise provided early after an episode of LBP proves to be the most time-saving and cost-effective course of treatment.

Ankle sprain

Ongoing ankle instability can occur in up to 60 percent of people who experience an ankle sprain if proper treatment is not sought. Physical therapy can be extremely effective in improving range of motion, decreasing pain, and improving function following an ankle sprain. There is strong evidence that suggests improving balance and coordination through an individualized physical therapy program is effective in reducing the risk of future ankle sprains. Additional evidence suggests that ongoing ankle instability may increase the risk of future knee injuries, so proper rehabilitation of an initial ankle sprain is critical in preventing injury even many years later.

If you think you may have an ache or pain that can be addressed with physical therapy treatment, don’t wait. See a PRO Medical Physical Therapist today.


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