Optimal Wellness Through IV Therapy


From performance athletes to jet-setting, high-performing executives to busy parents, IV therapy is widely being used to gain an athletic, immunity, nutritional, mental or beauty boost.

With the opening of our new PRO Medical building, we’re excited to continue partnering with you on your wellness journey by offering IV therapy.

The Benefits of IV Therapy

People opt for IV therapy for many different reasons. Our proprietary
IV infusions were created to help you restore and optimize wellness by:

• Replenishing hydration throughout your body
• Aiding in recovery from an event or jet lag
• Restoring vitamin and nutrient levels
• Refreshing your cosmetic appearance
• Revitalizing your overall well-being

One of the biggest benefits of IV therapy is that the fluids, vitamins and other nutrients are delivered straight to your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive system. This method of administration provides an effective and efficient way to deliver essential nutrients to your body at 100 percent absorption.

What to Expect

Each IV therapy session takes about 30-45 minutes. Our new IV lounge is designed to provide you with the most luxurious, comfortable and soothing setting for your session. As you relax back in your lounge chair, you’ll receive a mixture of vitamins, antioxidants and/or amino acids, according to what your body needs.

But the best experience is yet to come – after receiving IV therapy, people report feeling increased energy, sleeping better, and just feeling better overall. Improved physical, mental and emotional well-being – we could all use more of that!


Written by PRO Club

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