Nice Nails!

You finally have some time to yourself after a week of working long-hours, shuttling kids around, and sitting in the incessant bumper-to-bumper traffic. You need a break – and so do those hands and feet!

You add a coffee drive-thru to your errand list, drop the kids off, and head to the neighborhood nail salon to get a relaxing mani-pedi.

Upon arriving, the smell hits you first. It’s the smell of what must be a thousand cotton pads doused in acetone. Then you hear the sound: a mixture of a buzzing tool that’s removing the acrylic off someone’s nails along with an old TV playing “Judge Judy” on a volume that seems criminal. You select a color, find a chair, and wait for your nail technician. Looking at all the tools, you think back to an article that you read a few years ago about how these nail salons can spread bacteria faster than your first grader. Your coffee has gone cold, your service was OK, but this place definitely didn’t give you the “OMG, I need a break!” vibe that you were looking for.

My friend, get your cap and gown. It’s time to graduate into the experience of luxury and relaxation at the Salon at PRO Club, an intimate nail salon with a wide array of color and service options, private pedicure suites, and expert nail artists who tend to your hands and feet with the gentlest care, hygiene, and safety as priority number one.

Trade out the smell of acetone for the soft smells of a Spa, and the sounds of Judge Judy’s voice for the sounds of relaxing music that put your mind and body at ease. Ditch the coffee that got cold and opt for a glass of bubbly during your pedicure. And enjoy all these features while you sit in a pedicure chair with a warming neck-wrap.

Relaxation aside, did you know that the Salon uses the same type of equipment or hospital-grade disinfectant that is used for sterilizing surgical instruments just for your mani-pedi? Seriously. I’d prefer that type of hygiene any day.

And that’s not all. The podiatrist, at PRO Medical, Dr. J. Mari Adad, provides advanced education, reviewing all types of foot concerns including fungal infections or other potential problems while giving a pedicure. If your nail technician notices anything worrisome or unusual, a referral is made to Dr. Adad for further investigation and treatment.

Making sure you look good is important to us, but making sure your services are provided with the utmost hygiene is our top priority. Relax completely with the peace of mind of knowing that your nails will be beautifully painted and safely cared for.
Make an appointment with one of our brilliant nail artists today.


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