Pilates: Prepare Your Body For All Stages of Life

Meet Maura, who has a long history of being active. She has worked with a personal trainer and taken group fitness classes. When Maura became pregnant, she decided to return to Pilates because of all the benefits it offers in maintaining a strong and stable body.

“I had done Pilates many years ago and started again during my pregnancy because it was a great way to sustain my energy during the day (as I continued to work 10+ hours day). It allowed me to strengthen my body, preparing me for both the delivery and post-partum recovery.

The doctor said my body strength was the reason I delivered without intervention (my daughter wasn’t in the best position for delivery). After she was born, I lost the baby weight and returned to exercise within weeks of the birth. With a baby and a full-time job, I don’t have the time to work out as much as I did before, but my body is better than it was before the pregnancy. I never thought it was possible considering I got pregnant at 40. I credit a lot of that to Pilates at PRO Club. It made a huge difference.

To me, Pilates means balance and full-body strength driven by the core. It’s a continuous evolution of the body while preventing injuries. I’m amazed by how I get stronger every week. I notice the difference all the way from juggling my very active daughter while doing chores around the house, to better performance while running and strength training.”

Top 5 Benefits of Pilates

  1. Fewer muscle aches and strains
    Throughout life, as your body changes, Pilates will help you strengthen and stabilize your muscles. You’ll not only strengthen your deep abdominal muscles and body, but also improve your overall posture, leading to less back strain.
  2. Improved breathing
    Take a breath right now. How well are you breathing? Pilates helps you connect with your breath. You’ll develop an awareness of your breath and learn how to maintain deep breathing naturally.
  3. Better balance
    If balance is a challenge, Pilates can help improve your body awareness and coordination, as well correct any muscular imbalances on both sides of the body.
  4. Improve your sports performance
    Many athletes incorporate Pilates into their fitness routines. One reason is because Pilates can retrain the body to move in more efficient patterns of motion.
  5. Quicker recovery
    Did you know that Pilates is used in physical therapy? Whether you’re recovering from an injury or at the top of your game, your body will be stronger and you’ll be more connected to it with Pilates.

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