You Can Choose How You Age


Blowing out more and more candles each year is inevitable. However, getting older doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

The side effects of aging such as decreased muscle tone, loose skin and arthritis can be lessened. When it comes to healthy aging, the choices you make regarding exercise and nutrition can affect how you age.


Training Age

Do you know your “training age?” Whether it be sport specific or general fitness, this refers to the number of years you’ve been exercising consistently. This means that no matter how old you are, you’ll always want to be “training old.” It’s easy to be intimidated when exercising for the first time, but your journey is just beginning. Much like learning a new skill, it’s okay to be compassionate with yourself as you grow with your exercise.

Fuel for Success

Let’s assume you’re just getting back from summer vacation and are committed to working out three days a week. Great plan! During those other 165 hours of the week, what you consume will also be crucial to your healthy lifestyle. Establish simple nutritional habits so they become natural. Feelings of thirst decline as you get older, so keeping a source of water nearby will increase your intake and prevent dehydration. Pair protein with carbs for a healthy snack. For more individualized nutritional guidance, visit a PRO Registered Dietitian.

Exercise is Power

Last, but not least, make exercise a lifestyle. The benefits of exercise stretch way past appearance. Decreased risk of falls, improved sleep quality, and enhanced cardiovascular health only scratch the surface of what you can gain from a regular exercise routine. Getting older doesn’t have to result in restrictions. Maintain your activity level so that you’re still able to go on enjoyable hikes and pick up your grandchildren when you’re older. Aim to exercise four to five days a week. These workouts can include PRO Club Group Fitness classes, personal training, swimming, or lifting weights in the Free Weight Center. Don’t limit yourself. Keep your fitness fluid and it will be more enjoyable.

Test Your Training Age

How functionally fit are you? Test your training age with a following sit-to-stand exercise.

  1. Sit in a chair in an upright posture with both feet on the ground.
  2. Using your hands in front of you to balance, stand upright while focusing the weight in your heels. This ensures that your knees won’t take over the movement.
  3. Now lower yourself back into the chair making sure to keep your posture upright by pressing your chest out. Repeat slowly eight times.
  4. Did you feel yourself rocking back as you stood up? Was it easy to maintain your balance? If you’d like to assess your true training age schedule a session with a PRO personal trainer.


Written by Kevin Barcarse

Kevin Barcarse is a PRO personal trainer at PRO Club in Bellevue. His training experience includes the aging population, ranging from post-stroke to post-surgery.

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