5 Things to Know Before Getting a Lip Filler


Lip fillers are more popular than ever, and for good reason.

As we age, our lips naturally thin. The procedure is quick and easy, resulting in a fuller, softer, yet subtle overall enhancement to your face.

To make sure you get the look you want, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Know what you want, but be open to suggestions

Discuss the outcome and look that you desire. Do you want a noticeable difference or prefer more natural-looking lips? Listen to what your doctor suggests would suit your face best. Know which filler is being injected – yes, there’s more than one. It should be a gel that consists of hyaluronic acid, a substance that’s found naturally in the body and can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, and is FDA-approved for lip augmentation. You don’t want a cheek-contouring product injected in your lips. I also suggest opting for the newer generation of hyaluronic acid gels, which cause less swelling and artificial fullness, like Volbella.

2. Avoid bringing in photos

Unlike a haircut, trying to duplicate your favorite celebrity’s lips doesn’t quite work. In fact, it could turn out to be a disaster because each person’s lips are unique to their facial structure, skin quality, and age. What might work well for one person could turn out very differently on another.

3. Beware of potential complications

Fillers typically have few complications other than swelling and bruising, but your injector will be prepared just in case. It’s in your best interest to get your procedure done by a medical expert who knows how to handle any complications if they arise. For instance, if something goes wrong or doesn’t look the way you’d like, it can always be reversed using another type of filler.

4. Ask about the technique being used

Injecting filler is an art. There are several techniques used to give lips different looks. Make sure that your injector places small amounts in each injection site, rather than large threads of filler in just a few sites. Larger boluses of filler tend to result in an over-plumped lip appearance, even if the same total amount is used.

5. Inspect the work

Be sure to look in the mirror and check your results before you leave. The great thing about filler treatments is that they yield instant results. You can pause to preview during the treatment to gauge progress and also review at the end to assess the result. This is an important part of the treatment because symmetry and fullness can be tweaked on the spot before you leave the treatment room.

By The Medical Spa at PRO Medical

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