Counseling: A Healthy Choice for Mental and Emotional Health


There are many healthy choices we can make for ourselves including our diet, surrounding ourselves with positive people, and exercising. Another healthy choice is making the decisions to care for our emotional and mental health by talking to a professional counselor. Therapy is an important part of understanding ourselves and exploring the thoughts and feelings that motivate our behaviors. Gaining this insight often leads to increased self worth, confidence, and personal growth.

Why see a counselor?

Therapy provides a safe place to explore your thoughts and feelings, helping resolve inner conflict. Some people start therapy after a life event such as a job loss or divorce. Others choose therapy to help manage long-standing issues. No matter the reason, working with a counselor in a supportive environment can help you discover new strategies and coping skills, as well as engage in personal exploration and development.

When to seek counseling

Some indications that one could benefit from counseling include poor sleep, increase or decrease in weight or appetite, trouble concentrating, losing motivation, not enjoying things that one used to, feeling stuck, lonely, isolated, sad or depressed, life transitions, trauma and loss, relationship issues, personal growth, low self-esteem, or difficulties with health and wellness.

Why not just talk to a friend?

Many people believe they should be able to figure things out on their own. Others assume that talking to a partner or friend will help solve their issues. A professional counselor may be more beneficial. All information stays completely confidential. You’ll be speaking to someone with a fresh perspective and plenty of experience to discuss issues focused solely on your well-being with no ulterior motives.

How is counseling structured?

Counseling can be short-term and focus on managing specific challenges, or it can be longer-term in order to explore deeper rooted issues. The length of time agreed to is based on one’s goals. The frequency of sessions are also individualized and range from weekly or bi-weekly to monthly or as needed.

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Originally from PRO Pulse March-April 2014
By Lauren A. Crockett

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