Kids Benefit From Fitness, too!


Studies have shown that strength and cardiovascular training is not only suitable and safe for children, but it may also enhance sports performance and social skills.

PRO Personal trainers agree that a structured youth fitness program is a great way to develop fitness without harming hormonal growth. Other beneficial outcomes include increased resistance to injury, positive attitude toward physical activity, and improved muscular fitness.


Sign your child up at the Fitness Concierge Desk.


During this 30-minute orientation, your children will be taken around the Fitness Center by a Fitness Specialist and shown how to use the fitness equipment safely and effectively. Parents are invited to join the orientation, if they’d like to do so. This is a good opportunity if you have any questions about the equipment yourself.


Just like adults, kids need to start somewhere. PRO Sports Club has a large and expert group of personal trainers to help with every fitness need. While it may seem a bit premature to begin personal training at 8-12 years old, it’s not that unreasonable. A safe and effective fitness routine can be difficult for you or your child to develop on your own. Our personal trainers have the skill and experience in creating routines for all age groups and fitness levels. They can set the stage to help your children create fitness habits to keep them active and healthy for life. Plus, it also develops self-esteem and confidence at a young age.

Originally from PRO Pulse November-December 2013
By Morgan Boyleshuck

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