5 Steps to Develop a Healthy Eating Plan


Eating healthy takes time, patience and planning. At times, it can seem daunting and overwhelming. Follow the below suggestions to make your first steps towards developing a healthy eating plan.

Meal track to get a big picture of what you’re consuming. It’s also a lasting record that can help with weight loss or pinpoint allergies. Visit 2020lifestyles.com to sign up for a free tracker.  See a wealth of health related information created by the highly educated team at PRO Sports Club.

Lean portion sizes by comparing an apple to a tennis ball or a piece of chicken to a deck of cards. A food scale, measuring cups, and measuring spoons are all good tools to help determine serving sizes. Using smaller plates, bowls, utensils, and glasses can also help reduce portions consumed.

Eat regularly, every 3-4 hours, to keep blood sugars stable while preventing excessive hunger, which can lead to less healthy food choices and/or too much food being consumed.

Drink water as a calorie-free way to keep your muscles energized, skin looking its best,a and control caloric intake

Limit packaged foods since they can be high in calories. They’re designed to be tempting through sugar, fat, and salt. Although not all convenience foods are unhealthy, it’s best to be selective when shopping.

Schedule an appointment with one of our registered dietitians.  

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