The Power of Meal Prep


Envision for a moment the road to good health as a battlefield. Below are the weapons you can use to fight off even the most tempting perpetrators (Think birthday parties, holidays, and the ice cream in your freezer.

  1. Prepare Food in Advance

    Do you find yourself pressed for time during the busy work week? Designate one afternoon a week to prep food.
    • Produce can be washed, cut, and stored in individual containers
    • Meat can be browned, seasoned, and refrigerated for use in a casserole or similar     dish the next day.
    • Soup can be made in bulk and frozen for use on a different night
    • Commonly used ingredients, chopped frozen it soup can be made in bulk and             frozen for use on a different night
    • Snacks, such as crackers or pretzels, candy portioned out easy snack on the go

    Remember it’s easy to throw a healthy lunch in your bag as you head out the door when it’s already separated and ready to go

  2. Keep Emergency Foods Accessible

    We’ve all been in a position where things don’t go as planned. For times like these, emergency foods that fit within your healthy eating plan are your friends. A balanced snack containing protein can keep you feeling full until your next meal. A few examples:
    • A box of protein bars in the backseat of your car
    • Pre-portioned baggies of walnuts or almonds in your purse or backpack
    • Canned chicken breast or tuna fish kept in a work desk drawer.

    Note: these examples of go-to foods contain protein and are self-stable. 

  3.  Grocery Show with a List

    The difficulties of navigating the grocery store can be made easier with the meal plan and a list of needed items. This strategy we can also help those budget conscious consumers and parents who shop with children in tow.

  4. Meal Track in Advance

    Most of us are creatures of habit and this can be very beneficial in terms of your health. Get an online meal tracker (such as the 20/20 BeWell tracker) and enter what you eat on a typical weekday. Then take a step back and see how you did in terms of your goals. Make adjustments until you find a plan that’s realistic and balanced. The next day, your only job is to enjoy the food you’ve planned out for yourself, guilt free.

  5. Reward Yourself

    Plan a reward for each month you were able to successfully meet your health goals. Take careful consideration in choosing your awards as you’ve worked hard to see them. Some examples:
    • A spa treatment
    • Movie night with your friends
    • An new pair of shoes
    • Golf outing at your favorite course

Originally from PRO Pulse January-February 2012
By Erika Brown

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