Summer is for Swimming

Summer is in full swing which means many families will be spending time around the pool, beach, rivers, and lakes to cool off from the heat and entertain the days away from school.

Although swimming increases in summer, the pool is a go-to for families year-round due to its many benefits.

  1. Learning Necessary Skills
    Children NEED to learn to swim.  Adults NEED to learn to swim. We all know the risk involved with water especially as we are surrounded by water at every turn in the Pacific Northwest.  The truth is, it takes seconds for the worst to happen, and just knowing the risks is not enough.  According to the USA Swimming Foundation, formal swimming lessons help reduce the likelihood of a child drowning by 88%.  Drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury-related death, accounting for 7 percent of all injury-related deaths.
  • Children can start swimming as early as 6 weeks.  It is recommended to get your child in the water by 6 months old.
  • It is essential for children ages 3 and up to be in formal lessons.  This stage of their learning development is perfect to practice swimming and encourage comfort while still young.
  • The earlier children start consistently being in the water and becoming familiar, the less chance they will develop fears.
  • Group swim lessons are not only imperative for a child to learn safety, but also develop social skills, listening skills, group skills and provide plenty of fun.
  1. Family Bonding
    By spending time at the pool with your family, there are long lasting memories created.  Through play, children make sense of their experiences, and express their ideas and emotions. Play in the pool helps children develop skills that mimic skills in school and help aid the success long term:  self-control, working memory, cognitive flexibility, persistence, and following rules.
  2. Community Building
    There is no doubt that being around others who come to the pool will eventually form relationships.  Whether that is with other members, the staff, or a swim instructor.  Being connected helps make PRO feel like your second home.
  3. Physical Fitness
    For adults and teens, the pool is a prime place to work-out while taking the impact out.  Especially with our new Glidefit Cardiowave classes: HIIT & Yoga on a floating paddleboard.

Don’t wait to start swimming this summer!  The benefits carry on from infants to adults, and are not only enjoyable, but can also be lifesaving. For more information, drop by Aquatics at PRO Club to hear about our private lessons, swim team, and more.

Written by Erin Julius, Aquatics Manager at PRO Club.

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