Gearing up for the Outdoors


Instead of just jumping into your first hike or outdoor adventure this spring, get your body prepared.

Not only will you prevent avoidable injuries and feel less sore, but you’ll also enjoy your activities even more and feel confident to tackle something you wouldn’t have had the confidence to do before.

Here are two exercises to help you get started.

Incline Treadmill Walks
Let’s face it. The most beautiful hikes include viewpoints from up above. Nothing makes more sense than incorporating exercises that help simulate
your trek uphill.

›› PRO Tips
Don’t hold onto the handles. This is counterproductive to the exercise.
Do gradually increase the incline. If this is your first time walking on the treadmill, start off at an incline of 2.0 and gradually make it higher with
each workout session.
Do walk fast. A good, fast pace is anywhere between 3.0-3.5 mph.

Your legs need to be strong to get up and down the mountains. Incorporating squats will strengthen the muscles around knees and hips, helping you power through the ascent and descent.

›› PRO Tips
Do sit down, then stand up. Start seated on a bench and stand up. Lower back down to the bench but only tap the bench and stand up again.
Do gradually add weight. When bodyweight squats become easy, you can hold onto a dumbbell or barbell for more challenge.

If you want more guidance on being stronger and having a more fulfilling outdoor adventure, or if you’re planning for a specific outdoor event,
seek out the expertise of a personal trainer.

Personal Trainer Celena Handojo specializes in backpacking, hiking, and climbing preparedness. She has spent an extensive amount of time hiking and rock climbing around the U.S.

By Celena Handojo, Personal Trainer

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