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Your brain works around the clock to help you with everything from breathing to remembering the lyrics to that song you haven’t heard since high school.

It even works when you’re sleeping. You likely take good care of your brain. You might wear a bike helmet to protect it or take time to learn something new and create new neural pathways.

However, you might want to consider something else to help your brain. And it could actually do the most good of all. According to a 21-year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, we should all be dancing!

According to the study, dancing helps improve the brain more than any other physical activity. The research showed that it reduced the risk of dementia by 76 percent – that’s more than reading, crosswords, biking, golfing, or swimming.

Dancing helps the brain to consistently create new neural pathways in an attempt to learn new steps, piece them together, and help the body perform. According to Stanford University professor, Richard Powers, “Dancing integrates several brain functions at once – kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional – further increasing your neural connectivity.”

Powers isn’t the only one to notice the effects of dance. After a Sunday morning PROjam class, it’s common to hear comments like the one by participant Karen Luecking who said, “PROjam is a great cardio workout that also challenges my brain. And it’s so much fun!”

PROjam instructor, Terry McKinnon, creates a brand new routine for each of the three classes he teaches weekly, so whether you’ve been a regular for years or if it’s your first time, everyone who attends learns new material.

Terry integrates a myriad of dance styles so the movements are always fun, challenging, and engage your brain, helping you create new neural pathways that will keep your brain fresh, healthy, and stimulated.

So get out there and dance, and keep your brain smarter for longer.

Dance like a PRO!

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By Kate Watters, Group Fitness Administrative Assistant at PRO Club

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