We’ve enjoyed seeing your smiling faces back at PRO and now with the statewide approval to completely resume business operations, there’s even more reasons to celebrate at PRO.  

  • 100% Capacity – All programs, areas and services are now resumed to full capacity.  At 100% capacity, there’s still plenty of space at PRO to exercise within your own comfort zone. 
  • More Space in Class – All group fitness studios are completely open with more opportunities to enjoy your favorite classes, superstar instructors and the community you love. 
  • Masks are Optional – Face masks are not required for vaccinated individuals and may be worn at your discretion.  For those individuals who are not fully vaccinated, masks are still required in indoor spaces.   If you are enjoying club services such as spa, medical spa, personal training, etc. and prefer that your provider wears a mask please state your preference and they will gladly comply.   We will not reserve any spaces in the club as Face Mask required areas.  We will still require children under 16 to wear face masks for camps, childcare and other youth programming following the King County guidelines for school-aged children. 
  • Reservations  – A reminder that you do not need a reservation to visit the club, attend Family Fun Night, or swim in the pools.  Reservations are still required for group fitness classes, and childcare, and are recommended for squash courts, racquetball and tennis.  
  • Amenities are Open – Saunas, Steam Rooms, and Whirlpools are open with no restrictions.  However, we will continue to limit the number of openshower stalls  to efficiently manage resources.  Once membership usage increases, we will open more showers. The downstairs Café is open, but  the upstairs Bistro  remains closed until membership usage increases enough to sustain the business operations. 
  • Your Safe Space – For nearly 50 years, PRO has always been at the forefront of cleanliness.  With our commitment to surgical clean environments, there’s no safer place for you and your families.
  • Exercise Boosts Immunity – Physical activity is considered one of the main components of healthy living.  Studies prove that regular exercise raises levels of infection-fighting white blood cells, reduces inflammation, and lowers stress hormones, which all aid in building a strong immune system.  PRO offers you all the experts and resources to live your healthiest life, rebalance your health,  and super-strengthen your immune system. 

Thank you for choosing PRO as your place for health, family, fitness and fun. 

-Your friends at PRO

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