CoolSculpting®: What to Expect

For some, first time experiences for any procedure may make you a little nervous. Knowing what to expect can make you feel at ease and more comfortable for your procedure. Here is a quick overview of a CoolSculpting® experience.

TREATMENT SUITE: Our spacious treatment suite includes a large plush bed covered in comfy pillows and blankets. The CoolSculpting® machines will be on either side of the bed, a large flat-screen TV sits in front of you ready for a Netflix binge, and there is a rolling desk with a snack basket at your disposal.

DURATION: Treatments are a little longer than people generally expect. They may take from two hours to five hours depending on the amount of treatment needed as well as the number of areas chosen to treat during a single session.

PROCEDURE: The treatment itself is simple. First, the vacuum suction of the applicator is placed on the designated treatment area. This is not painful step, but it does have a nice snug grab. Second, you will begin to feel a very cold sensation which feels like holding an icepack directly to your skin. You will become cold, then mildly achy until your body adjusts to the temperature. This sensation will become numb in the treated area about eight to ten minutes into treatment, and you will no longer notice the applicator attached to you.

During the treatment, it will be normal to experience some pulling and pinching sensations, although the whole process will have minimal pain.

Once you complete the cycle, a manual massage is performed on the treatment area to jumpstart the blood flow and ensue all the frozen deep tissues are broken down. This helps your body absorb and destroy all the fat cells in the targeted areas and increase the success of your results. The massage is slightly uncomfortable for some people, but others say it soothes the treatment.

Then poof! Your treatment is complete. You may now return to your normal routine and there is no need to worry about any home care. There is a brief healing period (about one week) of tenderness in the treated area as well as minor swelling and potential bruising, but other than that you will be good as new!

In a short eight weeks you will begin to see the results of your CoolSculpting® treatment and be feeling better than ever.

Written by: Grace Miller, Master CoolSculpting® Technician at the Medical Spa at PRO Medical.  Call (425) 861-6281 or schedule online.

Grace is a licensed esthetician with over six years in the beauty industry. She was selected to attend the prestigious Coolsculpting® University, presented by Allergan in California. Only 47% of the country’s Coolsculpting® providers have completed this intensive training. In addition to mastering the treatment procedures, a thorough study of fat pads and tapers is included to understand how to tailor the treatment based on individual’s fat tissue and optimize results.

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