Pilates Teacher Training Scheduled for 2021

Become a certified Pilates teacher in 2021 in-person at the PRO Club Pilates studio or virtually from home. You can become certified in Mat and or Reformer, or the Comprehensive, which covers all the Pilates equipment. This certification is accepted worldwide, and approved by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) the largest non-profit International Pilates body. The training starts with the core principles of movement, continues with a deep dive into human anatomy and physiology, and finishes with a review of hundreds of exercises using all Pilates equipment. Learn the why and origin of all exercises, plus leave with the critical eye to evaluate clients, and modify to specifically fit their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much does the training cost?
    The training is broken up into 10 modules of learning based on equipment and understanding the anatomy/core principles of Pilates: Mat, Reformer, Trapeze, Chair, Barrels, Principles and Anatomy. Each module costs approximately $450 and is taught over a weekend.
  2. Do I need to get certified on all pieces of equipment in order to teach Pilates?
    Private Pilates: Yes, in order to teach private Pilates at PRO Club or any facility it is most likely expected to be trained on all pieces of equipment.
    Pilates Mat: No, if someone only wants to teach Pilates Mat classes they can do so after attending the Pilates Principles and Mat 1-3 Modules.
    Pilates Reformer: No, if someone only wants to teach Pilates Reformer classes they can do so after attending Pilates Principles, Anatomy, Mat 1-3 and Pilates Reformer 1-3.
  3. Do I need to work at PRO after completing the training?
    No, we would be happy to audition you after the training to see if teaching at PRO makes sense for you, but this training will provide instructors with the knowledge and experience needed to teach anywhere.
  4. How many hours is the training?
    Overall approximately 500 hours of time: Classroom hours with the group are up to 16 hours per Module, then each piece of equipment requires approximately 200 hours of additional movement, teaching and observation hours.
  5. When do the trainings happen?
    The organized classroom trainings happen Saturdays and Sundays, with the occasional Friday.
  6. Do I need to pay extra to use the studio to practice?
    No, trainees can achieve their practice hours within the studio during designated slower times for no additional cost.

Pilates Balanced Body Master Instructors, Beth Lippman and Deborah Kenner are excited to meet you and answer any of your questions! Reach out to Beth Lippman, Balanced Body Master Trainer and Senior Pilates Instructor to answer any additional questions or to sign up! blippman@proclub.com

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