Layer Up for Outdoor Fitness!

Why attend a class outside!?

  1. Fresh air and natural environment
  2. The club can accommodate more participants which means more energy and community!
  3. Plenty of space

While the Northwest may not be known for the warmest fall weather, we are excited to be able to provide an outdoor class experience. Despite the momentary cold at the beginning of your workout, there are ways to layer that don’t involve just wearing a down jacket over your tank top. Here are some strategies to stay warm and comfortable from start to end:

Bundle up the most in the beginning. The coldest part of class will be just before class begins when you’re not moving.

Rule of thumb for the layer beneath the coat: Add 20 degrees to the current temperature to decide what to wear. Your body warms up quickly once you start your workout.  

Thin layers are best: Wearing thin layers of fabrics like polyester will feel light, and be the best for temperature control and movement.

Bring a small waterproof bag for after class: As those layers come off, the last thing you’ll want to do is lay them on the ground.

Test your layers out before your outdoor classes begin:  Try some outfits that will work. Decide what is the least cumbersome, bulky and restrictive.

Just remember, there is a lot of new technology in athletic apparel that is designed to feel light, wick sweat (so you do not stay wet), keep you warm and stay breathable all at the same time.  

Keep it simple.  And have an amazing outdoor class!

By Jenn Semsey Group Fitness Instructor at PRO Club

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