One Swimmer at a Time


Whether or not you grew up swimming, becoming comfortable in the water is an important life skill to acquire, no matter what your age.

Perhaps you never had the opportunity, are afraid of water, or don’t know where to start. That’s okay. We’re here to help you.

From babies to adults, beginners to athletes, PRO Club Aquatics has been introducing people to the joy of water, one swimmer at a time.

Baby Aquatics
Get your baby into the water to develop comfort and familiarity as soon as possible. You’ll enjoy the bonding time together with songs, games and repetition. We offer lessons for ages six months and up.

Adult Group lessons
There’s a level for everyone – scared, beginner, intermediate and advanced. You’ll learn and develop all strokes including freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. We also offer women-only classes for your comfort.

Youth Group lessons
Children learn best when they are young and PRO Club’s Aquatic Center teaches more kids how to swim than anywhere else in the state. Our instructors are experts with individuals of all ages and abilities, and they specialize in providing an enjoyable and comfortable experience. Once your child is ready, we invite him/her to try out for our year-round swim team. Our supportive team-based environment helps kids develop strong bodies, strong minds and long-lasting friendships.

Private lessons
Private lessons offer the ability to take it slow and adjust to the water for both children and adults. We have over 65 Instructors who have worked with individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.

Water Cardio
Get ready for a fun and vigorous water workout! Water cardio is suitable for all ability levels, even non-swimmers. The water provides a supportive environment for low-impact, yet challenging, exercise.

Triathlon Swim Training
You’ll improve your performance with tailored workouts specific to the endurance and technique needed to complete a triathlon. This is offered as part of the PRO Club Triathlon Team.

Total Immersion
Already a swimmer? Improve your swim technique. Take a weekend workshop or some private lessons and get a video assessment as well as drills to improve your stroke.

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