Boost Your Protein in an Indian Vegetarian Diet

Trying to up your protein but feeling bored of only tofu?

Here are a few other ways to get this key nutrient into your everyday diet while maintaining the taste and flavors you love:

Unflavored protein powder – When not flavored chocolate, vanilla or otherwise, this powder will mix into soups, casseroles or breads seamlessly

Chickpea or lentil flour – Substitute this for enriched white flour to boost protein in naan, chapatti or roti sides

TVP (textured vegetable protein) – It’s granular texture makes it best to mix into oats at breakfast or into rice at dinner

Plain greek yogurt – Use as a dipping sauce or to add thick and creamy textures to veggie dishes

Crumbled veggie burgers – Avoid the monotony of having only veg burgers at meals by crumbling them into the variety of rice/veggie dishes you create

Remember that it is very challenging to get enough protein without getting too much carbohydrate by eating lentils alone. The options listed above can be helpful ways to find a healthier balance. Enjoy!

Written by Erika DeRooy, Dietitian Servics Manager

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