John – Lost 65 pounds in 16 weeks.

“I have a wonderful wife and two young kids. Thinking about a life where they’d have to do without me helped me wake up to reality.”

Prior to the pandemic, I figured if I was active, then I’d be healthy and everything would be “fine”. In reality I was overweight and unhealthy, something that ran in my family. The turning point for me was when it was time to check eligibility for the initial COVID vaccines, I was eligible early as I was considered a high-risk candidate. At the time I couldn’t understand why. I have a wonderful wife and two young kids and thinking about a life where they’d have to do without me or at best, live with someone in poor health, helped me get over the line and wake up to reality. I started 20/20 LifeStyles not long after.

The entire 20/20 program is so well structured that all parts support each other.

The nutrition appointments were incredibly challenging and rewarding. Learning how to track food and understanding the impact of what I was eating was lifechanging. Working with the team, I was able to be more mindful of what I ate, while still enjoying the experience of eating.

Through the program I started to eat a lot more fish during the program and learned great ways to cook it. My wife and I also started subscribing to a community supported agriculture (CSA) program and have discovered a lot of new fruits and vegetables. Our recent favorites include roasted shishito peppers, and spring salad with fennel and orange. Being Australian, we also love our beets. If someone can explain why people here don’t put beets on their burgers and pizza, please let me know!

Portion sizes are managed more carefully now, but there’s still room to indulge. It would be impossible to remove Boba tea from my diet completely!

The exercise part of 20/20 LifeStyles is also incredible. Prior to the program, I thought I had a good idea of the basic movements in a gym and frankly would be teaching my personal trainer a few things. Ha! I found out very quickly I couldn’t even do a pushup with correct form.

Throughout the program, my trainer did an amazing job keeping me motivated. I never felt like I did the same routine twice. She helped push me to “want” to do workouts on my own, and her understanding of my potential never wavered. From hardly being able to get off the floor unassisted, to being able to do multiple pull ups and single leg pistols has been a fun transformation.

Formerly an avid gamer, I dearly miss my Xbox—and while it’s not completely unused, we’re spending way more time being active—family workouts, basketball, hiking, swimming, skiing and using playgrounds for gymnastics.

20/20 LifeStyles also gave me tools to manage setbacks. During a family trip back to Australia, I ended up gaining about 10 pounds thanks to indulging in foods I love and grew up with. I’d also torn my ACL a couple months before the trip. To get moving again, I set up mini-goals for myself, and when I got back home to the U.S., I went back to meal plans I learned in the earlier stages of the program. That helped me get my food habits back on track.

I finished the program in October 2021 and have been able to maintain my weight, muscle mass and lifestyle. 20/20 LifeStyles has been a life changer—and life saver—for me. I genuinely believe that the team at PRO Club saved my life and has put me on the right path to ensure I can meet my life goals.

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