Cale – Cured his high cholesterol and pre-diabetes

I decided to participate in 20/20 LifeStyles to address some health challenges I’d struggled with for a while. I had high cholesterol, was borderline diabetic and was considered borderline obese based on my BMI. Also, I’d been on anti-depressants for about eight years and cholesterol meds for a long time and I wanted to get off them.

One of the things that really appealed to me about 20/20 is that it’s focused on all aspects of weight loss. It’s not just about seeing a lower number on the scale. I met with a licensed counselor and doctors, in addition to my personal trainer and registered dietitian. Also, all the testing and blood work was very impressive. 

If I had to pick one aspect of the program that was my favorite, I’d probably go with the nutrition appointments. My dietitian gave me a really good base to work with moving forward and I learned to cook some tasty dishes, which my family also enjoys.  My family already did a pretty good with their eating and exercise habits – but they’ve started to eat more of the food I make. It’s nice to share that together.

A really cool part of the program is the genetic testing. It helps guide the workouts the trainers create for you, as well as the nutrition program the dietitians create for you. I found that I have a high tolerance for caffeine, which was surprising—and welcome news!

I think the biggest change for me is simply that I’m down to a weight that I haven’t been since I was in my 20s. Even when I was in great shape in my 30’s, I wasn’t as lean as I am now. I’ve met my weight loss goal, and with one month left to go, I’m shaving off another 5 pounds of fat. The good news is that my clothes fit better. Actually, they no longer fit! I had to buy all new pants, shirts and shorts!

I’ve also gotten off all medications; it feels great to be in a place where I’m not relying on them any longer. My energy level has gotten so much better, and my mood and overall outlook on life is better. I’m exercising regularly now, too. Running, taking walks and working out is all part of my everyday life.

My experience with 20/20 LifeStyles was incredible, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to get serious about improving their health.

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