Dr. Mark Dedomenico

20/20 Lifestyles founder, Dr. Mark Dedomenico, has devoted his career to improving the health of others.

In addition to his years as a practicing surgeon, Mark spent many years overseeing one of the country’s largest and most respected privately-held companies, Golden Grain Macaroni Company—the producer of many well-loved consumer products, including Rice-a-Roni, Mission and Golden Grain pasta, Ghirardelli chocolates, and Vernell candies. While at Golden Grain, Mark made his first attempt at controlling corporate health costs. By implementing innovative health and wellness initiatives, he was able to save his company 31% of its health insurance costs.

For the last 15 years, Mark has devoted himself to sharing this experience with others. Through his program, 20/20 Lifestyles, Mark and his skilled staff have helped thousands of individuals who suffer with metabolic disorders reclaim their health, and have helped some of the country’s leading corporations reduce spiraling healthcare costs, including Microsoft.

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