Dr. Padmini Nehru, MD

After finishing her fellowship in Cardiac and Obstetrical anesthesia (1987) at the Medical College of Virginia, Dr. Padmini Nehru MD was a member of the teaching faculty at West Virginia University, Northwestern University, and the University of Cincinnati where her primary focus was cardiac anesthesia. As the head of the cardiac anesthesia department at the University of Cincinnati she was teaching residents the intricacies of anesthetizing patients with cardiovascular and other metabolic diseases while emphasizing the importance of lifestyle modification in order to prevent or delay the onset of cardiovascular disease.

Having been on prolonged doses of Prednisone, Dr. Nehru had gained a considerable amount of weight with her first two pregnancies. She lost that weight by exercising with a personal trainer three times a week, working out at the hospital facilities an additional two times a week, and eating food supplied by Jenny Craig (which did not teach her how to eat or prepare a healthy and well balanced meal). When she saw the advertisement for 20/20 LifeStyles in the PRO Club lobby in January 2000 and learned that a cardiac surgeon would be giving the lecture, she signed up IMMEDIATELY. The lecture was extremely informative and compelled her to join the 10 week 20/20 LifeStyles program where she learned a lot about nutrition and how her metabolism reacted to different foods.

Dr. Nehru believes in the benefits and tenets of lifestyle modification for prevention and delay of metabolic disorders. She was given the opportunity to become part of the 20/20 LifeStyles team in 2004 and since then has seen hundreds of clients get off their medications for hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and diabetes. The majority of her clients finish our program with a much more in depth understanding of how their bodies react to and tolerate different foods. Also, while in the program, they realize the mental and physical benefits of regular exercise.

Many of her former and current clients have made permanent lifestyle changes. They are leading healthier, more active, and less medicated lives which, as a board certified physician, Dr. Nehru find exceptionally gratifying.

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