The Perfect Work Break

By Terran Poindexter, LMHC,  PRO Medical Counselor

Does your daily routine need a boost? In times when working from home and being around family a majority of the day can cause some angst, now could be a great time to refresh your daily routine by practicing meditation.

Meditation can alleviate stress, decrease anxiety, assist in emotional well-being, promote self awareness, generate kindness, and improve sleep. The best part? It can be done anywhere at home, takes a few minutes, and the kids can join!

Meditation is something everyone can do. The goal is to pause and notice what we are thinking about to improve mindfulness. Below are a few recommended apps that are free to use and are simple to install on your phone. Some range from one minute long all the way up to an hour depending on whether you are targeting a work break reset, improving relationships, spiritual guidance, food cravings, sleep, etc.

Free guided meditation apps:

  1. Simple Habit
  2. Calm
  3. 10% Happier
  4. Headspace

Terran views counseling as a relational process where the client and therapist work together to address issues and create goals around how to resolve them. Her approach involves Client Centered Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy to help clients achieve and maintain their ideal well-being.

If you would like to have more help decreasing stress and improving mindfulness, the Counseling Center at PRO Club is open and we would love to work with you during this time of Covid-19.

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