What’s on Trend for Summer Hair Color?


What’s the best hair color for you?

The one that helps you express your individual style and is easy to maintain. This season almost anything goes!

So whether you prefer a more natural, sun-kissed look or you want fun, fashionable, vibrant colors, you’ll be on trend. Here’s a guide on popular hair color techniques so you’re on the same page as your hairstylist to create the hair of your dreams.

Bright, bold colors are definitely on trend for those who want a little bit more of a fashion shade, whether in pastel shades such as lavender, mint, or indigo to jewel tones of sapphire, amethyst, or ruby.

»Biggest trend
A burst of color hidden away behind the ear, underneath the natural hair, so as to be unnoticeable. That is, until hair is styled a certain way, revealing the surprising pop of color. It’s a fun, fashionable statement. Another popular option is using pastel or a more vibrant shade at the base of the neck, so that it’s hidden away until the hair is worn up.

Balayage is a French word that means “sweep.” Your stylist will use a freehand, sweeping technique to paint highlights and color onto your hair to give you a natural, sun-kissed look. Devotees also like the subtle re-growth lines which allow for less frequent visits to the salon (every 3-6 months).

Traditional foil highlights are the classic go-to. Your stylist will separate the hair evenly throughout the crown of the head for “partial” and throughout the hair for “full” highlights. To maintain your light and bright look, schedule your appointments every 6-8 weeks (or at one inch of grow out).

Ombre is when the top half of the hair is dark and, from mid-shaft down, strands are several shades lighter. A subtle Ombre (also known as “Sombre”) is a great way to gradually grow out highlights (or lighter color) and return to your natural hair color. But if you’re looking for a dramatic effect, your stylist can even darken your base color. This style often combines the painting technique of Balayage with all-over color and works for any hair texture.

Babylights combines delicate foil highlights with Balayage. The results are subtle, but stunning, on any natural or already-treated hair color. This technique provides a brighter look than Balayage, but with less maintenance than traditional highlights.

From rose gold to “bronde” (brown and blonde) to wine, there are several ways to achieve a natural-looking feel for those who want to refresh their hair color with a blended, multi-tone hue.

»Biggest trend
A combination of Balayage and Ombre with hand painted pieces in the front and lighter ends. Ask for bright, sun-kissed pieces through the front with more depth in the back and through the crown section.

3 Ways to Refresh Your Color

1. Maintain your look
Come in every four weeks for a root touch up. Balayage may be redone every 3-6 months with color retouches in between.

2. Home care 
Always use color-safe shampoos and conditioners. Oribe has a line specifically for color-treated hair ranging from maintaining brighter reds or brunettes to a bright blonde shampoo and conditioner. Pureology is also gentle on color-treated hair.

Recommended: Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

3. Get a Gloss
It helps maintain hair color, whether you want to prevent your platinum blonde from looking brassy or maintain the dimensional look of your Balayage. You can always add on a gloss treatment to your haircut or Royal Blowout. It not only tones and provides deep conditioning benefits, but also adds lots of shine.

Don’t like surprises? Schedule a consultation
Everyone’s hair is unique. If this is your first hair color or if you’re planning a fresh, new look, be sure to meet with your hairstylist ahead of time for a 15-minute complimentary appointment. Together, you’ll come up with a plan and you’ll have the assurance of what to expect at your hair color service, as well as what it takes to maintain your personalized look.

By Charlie B, Hair Designer

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