Ever since sustaining an injury while moving houses 12 years ago, my body hadn’t felt the same. I had been troubled by chronic pain in my back and hips, and suffered from headaches. While swimming, even a gentle turn in the water could cause me to throw out my back.

After my injury, my chiropractor had stabilized my back pain, but my treatment had slowed down. He referred me to a medical doctor who put me on an elimination diet to identify the foods that were causing inflammation in my body. As a result, I lost 10 lbs. over six months. At this point, both doctors recommended that I become more physically active to make further progress and become stronger. I also wanted to continue the weight loss.

I knew I could trust 20/20 LifeStyles. I had known about the program for many years. In fact, I went to the informational seminar 12 years ago and then went back twice more after that. Plus, a good friend of mine had been through the program with inspiring results. I wanted the same for myself.

It’s incredible how your body compensates when you have an injury. Due to my back pain, my hips were out of alignment. My trainer, Ben, showed me corrective and strengthening exercises. He encouraged me to move as naturally as possible and made me aware when I was being too guarded. I became much more conscious of proper body mechanics. Ben did an amazing job at finding the right exercises to isolate my glutes and strengthen my core. My whole body now moves much more fluidly because I’ve strengthened surrounding muscles. I look forward to hiking again, playing squash and tennis, and trying martial arts.

My dietitian, Lynne, was instrumental as well. If I’m not feeding my body the right foods, then no matter how hard I exercise, I’m not going to achieve the same results. I used to eat a lot of carbs and now I’m satisfied with other options. My nutrition plan is sustainable and satisfying. There are always ways of innovating. For example, I can sauté some Indian spices and add them to my salad, or modify a recipe according to 20/20 LifeStyles guidelines. In fact, I find it quite enjoyable to find new recipes and adapt them according to the knowledge I gained.

The program was not just beneficial for the physical benefits, but also the mental clarity you gain with exercise and a healthy diet. It was also helpful to have the connection with other 20/20 LifeStyles participants and know that other people have their own struggles.

After 12 years of “window shopping,” I’m so glad I was finally able to complete the program. I do think you have to time it right and do what’s best for your life and your body. When I felt ready, my 20/20 LifeStyles team provided the support to make it easier for me.

20/20 LifeStyles isn’t just about weight loss. It’s about creating a better quality of life for me and my family.

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